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BAE Systems Detica — How do you make intelligence, intelligible?

Since the 1970s, when it worked on NASA’s Apollo programme, BAE Systems Detica has been at the forefront of information intelligence. Today it helps governments and businesses worldwide make sense of an ever-expanding stream of complex data.

Communicating exactly what the business offers isn’t easy. A series of workshops helped us find a strong solution by defining them in three words: intelligence, clarity and understanding.

With these themes in place we looked at the issues the organisation tackles everyday – like cyber crime and data mining. Our bold approach created a messaging system that addresses these client challenges head-on.

We supported this with info graphics that make even the most complex issues easier to understand. We also worked with digital artists FIELD to create stunning data-map illustrations that transform intangible data into visually arresting imagery.

Ultimately our approach focuses on finding clear and compelling ways to convey the strength of BAE Systems Detica’s smart solutions. In doing that we’ve helped the business get its message across to an audience facing some of today’s most complex challenges.

Nerve Centre animation
BAE Systems Detica signage